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My Two Cents on a Variety of Subjects

I Want My Flag back

The following piece was written last October. I made unsuccessful attempts at finding an Op-Ed home for this essay, so I am offering it here instead. As always, your thoughts and opinions on this will be greatly appreciated. Over the years I have wondered, sometimes out loud, about the actual definition of the word “Patriotism”….

My Brother’s Keeper

On occasion our local newspaper will accept one of my Op-Ed’s for publication. Below is one that was written last week, though the paper changed the title from “My Brother’s Keeper” to “Local food banks are bulwark against hunger during pandemic” which seems a bit lengthy. Appearing in today’s Opinion section of the Chicago suburbs’…


[Fear of Being Wrong; from the Latin, Agnoscere, meaning I acknowledge and Erro, meaning error or wrong. Suffix is from the Greek, meaning fear. There is probably a better word to define what may also be categorized as the stupidity of stubbornness, but until I find it, my made up word will have to suffice.]…

Animals on Parade

Anthropologists, philosophers, and neuroscientists have spent years attempting to discover what differentiates our species from all other forms of life. Growing up I remember hearing we were the only animal that can blush, stemming, I assume, from a unique brand of self-consciousness. At times I have read about our supposed singular ability to laugh or…