An Homage to Andy Borowitz


In a recently published paper, The World Mental Health Commission finds that the human species is rapidly approaching an apex of idiocy which the WMHC is defining as Herd Stupidity.

January 26, 2021

The World Mental Health Commission (WMHC) has just released a global study of human’s overall capacity for stupidity. After extensive research the WMHC, in tandem with dozens of institutions around the world, released their findings which were recently published in the prestigious journal, Mental. The WMHC study states that after centuries of moving towards rational behavior, the past two decades have seen a rapid decline away from reason. The rise of world wide autocracies supported by the very citizens who are slated to be the victims of such regimes, along with the wholesale buy in of misinformation and other self-defeating behavior has made it clear that Herd Stupidity is a global phenomenon.

The study notes that there are outliers who have not been caught up in the trend towards mindless interaction, but they appear to be vastly outnumbered by the adherents of conspiracy theories, including accounts of alien abductions, followers of cult-like political leaders, QAnon, Chemtrails, Lizard People, Deep State afficianados and hundreds of other baseless constructs, leading the authors of the study to conclude that human extinction is closer than many believe.

Members of the WMHC research team could not be contacted for comment on this article. Apparently many of the scientists involved in this study have vanished though rumors are circulating that they have banded together in a small secluded and secretive community in northern Canada near the Artic circle. One person familiar with this move tells the Times that scientists are attempting to salvage what little intelligence remains by sequestering in an isolated location.

Apparently, news of this community leaked to the public, at which point several armed militias have now formed to seek out this community and destroy any semblance of remaining sanity.